Friday, November 19, 2010




Do you know those days when you feel sad, full of pain,Unhappy, Uncomfortable.. your heart sooo heavy?

Lately was that kind of day..I was so deeply sad...for some reasons that I cannot explain here..and it was just like I was surrounded bad thoughts.. and The Voice that come from bad heart was just wispering on my ears "nothing would help it youll be always sad just forget the word happiness this word is not for you... ".. It seemed like I was the most unhappy women... MasyaALLAH.. Yes.. This word is for me.. i should realize that i can do!!.. InsyaALLAH...

And then a sentence cames to my mind... " Allah is always there for you and always with you even youre are sad or happy" .. and just by thinking about the fact that Allah is alive gave the strenght to fight all the bad feeling.. all of that is we can not expect happen in future but Allah knows the best for me.. HE is there when i needed.. I have to time to waste with gloominess.. no time to waste with think about the bad thing or the thing we can not assume that can be happen.. no time for complaining...

InsyaALLAH.. Let ALLAH guide me for everything i did... i only hope.. i can face even its good or bad...insyaALLAH i find my way...

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